Thursday, 8 January 2009

I hate cleaning and assembly

I really hate cleaning and assembling my models, especially the cleaning, and it always takes me forever!

About the only good part of it is being able to convert models to give them some individuality. Its certainly easy with the new plastic kits as they are so poseable to begin with. Below is the first unit I've put all together since getting back into things, my tau. Most of them are pretty much just as they come, in differing poses, but for some of them I just had to do some further conversion work. I don't have any green stuff so I've had to do all conversions simply with the knife and trimming things to fit.

Top is the full squad, middle are the models from the left hand side of the squad, and bottom are those from the right. From left to right, models 1-12 (excluding the drone) the ones I'd draw notice to are:

1: I had to pretty much remove all the fingers, chop them up into little bits, and reconstruct the hand to show it pointing.

2: My test model, the first one I put together and experimented on the colour scheme with

3: My squad leader, as a traditionalist marine player, he is the one without a helmet

5: The spotter. He is using the scanner, and indicating where to direct fire. I made the pointing hand by carving the grenade out of one of the stock arms. He will have a rifle attached to his backpack, although I will do this after the first stages of painting so I can access some of the details.

7: Standing on a falling beam, and resting his hand on his rifle, a pretty easy conversion.

11: He is reaching for a grenade on his belt. I've set this guy forward on his base as I plan to add a partial wall or other obstacle behind him to suggest he is preparing to round a piece of cover.

Sorry for the long post, its partly for me to keep track of what I have been doing. I've also tried to re-enable Disqus on the blog for comments, if anyone cares to post a comment and it doesn't work, I'll stick my email in my profile for a while, if you can email me I'll try and fix things.

Cheers for dropping by

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