Monday, 1 January 2018

288: Striking Scorpions of the Occulted Claw Shrine

I finished a group. Shrine of the occulted blade. 
There's a mix of 1990 lead models that I bought from Andrew and new (ahem) resin models. I plan to use them as 1 large or 2 small squads. I might try the claw exarch as a Karandras stand-in: I think the loadout is the same.

It's good to have more aspect warriors available to my Biel-Tan. The fluff grows stronger.

I have been planning for the new year. I have some Howling Banshees and Rangers underway. I also have an unassembled shame pile including a Wave Serpent and Dark Reapers. I think I might convert up some Shining Spears before assembling those: I need more fast attack to qualify for a battalion.


  1. Col F, they look fantastic together. Great stuff.

  2. Yeah, but the kandras figure, although the pose is a little static in these days of new super models (ahem), still has a lot of presence, worth throwing on the table, if you can.

    I do like the seamless blending of different vintage minis, very nicely done.

    1. Thanks guys.

      If I was more skilled, I might try converting a Karandras. Start from that exarch and add a hat of suitable magnitude from greenstuff.

      I was not sure the lead+resin models would work. I painted them in a batch and tried to paint similar bits the same. I think I got away with it. The upcoming banshees will be the same.



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