Sunday, 6 November 2016

274: Bikes

Progress!  Hopefully not the last either.  I'm back and with One Force marines no less.  Here's my latest addition, a trio of bikers to add into my force to help me on the way to running one of the new Codex Space Marine formations.

The two slightly drunk bikers are taken from the Dark Vengence set, bodies replaced with more generic marine torso's (One Force are a spartan chapter after all), and Volkite Calivers for weapons.  As these don't appear in 40K, I can reasonably claim them to be grav-weapons for the purposes of running them as filthy grav-bikers.  The Sergeant gets the standard yellow helm, and a combi-grav which is a DIY combination of a Volkite Caliver and a bolter from Anvil Industries.

These also mark a slight change in my painting technique for One Force.  Previously I've completely avoided the use of metallics in their colour scheme, but on reflection (its only taken my 40+ models), I've decided to change their weapons and a few other details to metallic and give them black weapons housings.  This'll be applied to all of the models going forward, and potentially retro-applied to the older models.

I've not weathered the models yet because that is another aspect I'll be changing going forward, but I haven't had a chance to experiment yet.


  1. These look great, the Dark Veng bikes were good for this. I stood mine up vertical and changed bodies as you have done. Great job

    1. Cheers. I'll be standing up any others I get so they look a little different, and might even see if I can't lean some the other way in the future. They do work really surprisingly well with the rest of the space marine range.

  2. Yay ! OneForce !

    Volkite chargers ? Wow. They must really be after someone...

    1. Yeah, they are supposed to be there to zip around and take out heavy armour, but mostly so far have zipped around and died to lots of shots. I need to make up a few more standard bikers to fill out the ranks to function as shields to give them a bit more of a chance.



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