Thursday, 24 December 2015

263: Firewarriors

(No, I'm not posting on Julafton, this just happens to be scheduled for today,
Merry Christmas, God Jul, and assorted Winter Solstice greetings to you all.)

In the time its taken me to change the paintscheme on these guys, the Tau have had 2 new codexes, its a testament (if you want) to the speed of the current GW release cycle, or more likely, how slow my painting is these days.

A simple white paintscheme with blue accents.  The guy below is meant to be a Cadre Fireblade stand in or similar, hence using a lot more blue in his scheme.

A couple of examples of the regular Firewarriors.

Unfortunately, I went a little bit overboard on the battle damage.  It hasn't totally spoiled them, but they wouldn't ever be front and centre if I lined up the army. More practice needed.
Looking at the pictures, I realise I haven't done the lighting effects I wanted on the weapons so I'll go back and do that sometime, but these guys are packed away now so it'll have to wait.


  1. They look great ABG ! Nice to see some Tau who look like they've been somewhere and done something.

    1. Yeah, none of this shiny Star Trek look for my Tau, much more Star Wars for me. Although I did go a little over the top with these guys - still learning.



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