Thursday, 9 July 2015

250: Magnetising a flying stand

After a cursory search I could not find an example of how to do this for a flyer. I found a few tutorials for skimmer bases. I did this for the Crimson Hunter/Hemlock Wraithfighter kit. I would wager that it could be adapted for most flyers.

I used 4mm (diameter) by 3mm neodymium magnets.

  1. Before gluing the fuselage together, stick a blob of greenstuff in the dorsal half of the fuselage, where the top of the stand will come to rest. To stick greenstuff, scratch with a knife, apply some superglue and then push in the pliable greenstuff.
  2. To mark where the top of the stand will sit, hold the fuselage together, and push the stand through, so it leaves a cross mark in the greenstuff. You can prevent the greenstuff from sticking to the stand by putting clingfilm/foodwrap over the the greenstuff. (Beware superglue will stick to clingfilm, so wipe up any that may have squeezed out from behind the greenstuff blob).
  3. Wait for the greenstuff to cure.
  4. Drill the top of the flightstand to hold a magnet
  5. Drill the greenstuff, where the cross is marked.
  6. Glue in the magnets.
Now the model can be pick up without the stand dropping off. Handily removable for transport.


  1. Great little trick, thanks... now if I hadn't already assembled all those flyers... but I'll bear it in mind for the forthcoming Caestus Ram, StormRaven and StormEagle... ;)

  2. This is about 2 weeks too late for me, I've just finished building 2 Stormtalons that could have done with this kind of treatment, and I love a good magnetisation project ;).



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