Thursday 1 January 2015

237: 2015 New Years Resolutions

So here they are, my aims for the upcoming year.  I wonder if I'll have any better luck achieving them than I did my previous aims, which you can find here:
2014 resolutions and 2014 in review
2011 I didn't make up any resolutions but I did do a 2011 in review

  • Post pictures of all the models I painted during 2014
    • Skaven army, the Tyranids, One Force marines (Mk II and Mk IV)
  • Continue the clear out
    • Tyranids, Space Wolves (most of them), a lot of spares and bits and pieces
  • Complete painting One Force as it stands
    • 5 Mk V marines and jump-packs, 10 Mk III veterans with combi-weapons, missile launchers for all squads, Master of the Forge
  • Complete standing painting projects
    • Skaven warp lighting cannon, Treeman Avatar, Tau Firewarriors and Riptide, and any other bits and pieces I have lying around that I've forgotten
  • Return to blogging
    • I'd definitely like to tidy up the blog a bit, and perhaps improve the design and look of it.  As a more viable, achievable target I'm also setting myself 2 posts a month minimum as my aim for the year
So thats it, a relatively modest 5 aims, and as well as that, I'll most likely be beginning a Daemon army, and I'm sure that GW will be releasing plenty of new and interesting models that'll be tempting me and stealing even more of my money, but then that wouldn't be anything new.
If you've got any resolutions or aims for the new year, I'd be happy to know what you're aiming for, feel free to comment below and link to your own blogs.

Cheers - Andrew

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