Thursday, 25 April 2013

206: A little more progress on Squad 5

I was hoping to bring you the completed squad today, but I'm just that little behind schedule.  I've still got squad markings, battle damage and weathering to apply, all very small amounts of paint, but take a heck of a long time.  As such, its a bit of a cheat post today, but all I have to give you is further progress with Squad 5 and the completed highlighting.

The full 5 man squad, with a mix of jump packs and regular packs.  I think the 2nd model from the right has probably my favourite pose so far.

Here you can see a comparison shot of one of the "completed" marines, and next to him is part of the second half of Squad 2 that has simply been base coated.  I picked these two as they have similar poses and weapons which make a good comparison.

Next post I promise to bring you the squad all finished.

I also have a bit of a question.  For a while now I've been thinking of little changes that I would love to trial in games of 40K.  A skirmish version, and some alterations to the allies chart, little variations a bit like the Wulfen I tried to invent before.  Would anyone out there be at all interested in seeing any of it?

Cheers - Andy

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