Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Guest appearance

Hey everyone, been a tad quiet on here of late, thanks to an extremely busy period at work, followed directly by work travel, and I've not really had much time to get on here.  However, I've not been taking it easy, there's a number of bits a pieces I want to talk about.

  1. On my way back from my work trip, I'm stopping off in LA for a couple of days, so of course I'm going to have to see what the famed LA battle bunker is like.  I'll be calling in there either Wednesday or Thursday so if anyone who follows this is there on either of those days, watch out for the lost looking English guy and say hi.
  2. Blog Wars!  I'm planning on going, if you haven't seen this yet then follow the link here or on the right and check it out.  Its going to be a blast and I'm seriously looking forward to it.  On that note, I'm going to need a lift as the mighty UK public transport system would take over 7 hours.  With the blessing of From the Fang, I've set up a google group where those going can sort out all the logistics.  You can find it here:  http://groups.google.com/group/40k-blog-wars  and if you are going, do sign up and post anything you might need to.
  3. Barter Bucket.  This is such a huge and great resource run by the guys over at Santa Cruz.  If you ever have anything you are looking for, or want to swap out, get rid of, or trade bits, then I'd recommend this as your first stop.  I was able to swap out my spare High Elves for a full set of Skaven from the IoB boxset, so my Skaven army is growing nicely.  Props to Mike over at The Unforgiven for the trade!
As well as this, coming soon, some hopefully nice looking wulfen models, my first full test of my new paint scheme.

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