Friday, 5 November 2010


Hello out there if you are still even remotely interested in this blog.

Its been far too long since I did anything on here, and I'm sorry for not keeping it updated.  Despite this, I've actually been getting quite a lot of hobby done, I've just not managed to get any photos of anything that I've been working on, or managed to write up any of the battles that I've taken part in.

On the other hand, I have managed to create a little banner for the site, which you can see above.  Its made from a bunch of images I found online which I stitched together in GIMP (if you object to me using any of the images then of course let me know and I'm sure we can figure something out).  Hope you'll like it.

But onto the main reason for this post, in case you don't know, the 11th month of every year is Movember, and as such I'm going to be growing a moustache (Mo) to help raise awareness and with luck a little bit of cash for The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC).

You see, here's the rub, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and one man dies every hour from the disease in the UK (for those of you in the states, thats one person dieing in the US every 10 minutes).  The problem is, due to its nature, prostate cancer is very rarely talked about, and often caught far too late for any treatment to cure, and as such is often referred to as the silent cancer.  We want to change that and Movember is just a little part of making a difference.

You can follow my progress at my Movember page where I'll be posting a day by day photo of the Mo and towards the end of the month I hope to put together a little vid based on the images so you can see the hair sprout from my face in all its glory (you can see the day 5 photo below).

So if any of you can spare a little change to help out the great work that TPCC do, it will make all the difference.  The link to donate to is:

Thank you all
Andy - bG


  1. Good luck with the Mo, I'm participating myself. I'm going for the Sgt Pepper's era McCartney myself.

  2. Great stuff! I'm slowly wearing my wife down: next year I think I'll get that spousal permission.

    I work in a school and frankly it's worrying just how seedy so many of our male staff appear at the moment!

  3. @Tristan - Some blog support has come your way

    @Chris - I'd be happy to give a little in support for a Mo brother ;)

    @Drax - I'm sure you can think of something nice you can do for the missus to let you take part next year, if nothing else you can guilt her as it is all for charity!
    I can imagine that if those in charge didn't know what was going on they'd think half the staff had turned into pervs overnight :D



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