Monday, 18 May 2009

Reinforcements have arrived

So my birthday is upcoming, so I decided to treat myself to some new crack.

AoBR, two drop pods (one for the dreadnought, one for the bloodclaws), a Landraider for the termies and a land-speeder which will be fitted out with multi-melta and assault cannon for some nice anti tank fast attack goodness. As you can see I couldn't resist and I've already cut out and put together the dreadnaught (although I will be taking him apart to clean up).

Awesome! Happy Birthday me

All were bought from Gifts for Geeks who are really great. Prices are almost universally 20%+ cheaper than GW (I got all this inc delivery for less than £100), delivery for courier was about £4, it arrived about a week after placing the order, and they are really nice and helpful even letting me change the land-raider from the standard to redeemer/crusader variant with no issues what-so-ever. I would definitely recommend them to you for your larger purchases where you will really save yourself some money.

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