Friday, 17 July 2015

251: Wound markers

Normal people leave a die on or near a model indicating how many wounds it has left. I am an idiot, I forget, pick it up and roll it.
I made bandage wound markers to solve the problem.
  1. Wrap clingfilm/foodwrap around a round pencil.
  2. Wrap some toilet paper (unused) around that.
  3. Liberally paint on dilute PVA.
  4. Wait for that to dry, and give it a couple more coats.
  5. Cut the newly made tube into sections.
  6. Paint on a couple of red dots. I added some water to try to get the impression of blood seeping through.
Most models have something that the bandages can be hung on.



  1. Excellent idea. As a mostly Iggy player, I doubt I'd ever need any...

  2. Great idea. It gives a narrative to the model by doing something so visual like that in a game



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