Friday, 22 January 2010

Space Wolf Special Characters

Something came up during the game on Friday night that I would call somewhat a moment of realisation for me. Perhaps a lot of you had already realised this, but I came to note that for most of the Space Wolf special characters, they are far more effective when teamed up with a complimentary squad than they could ever be on their own.

Take Ragnar and his performance on Friday. In the Lion and the Wolf confrontation not only did he lose, he lost in close combat. He'd taken a wound before getting there, but still he lost to a Dark Angels character in assault and this is Ragnar, supposedly the master of assaults amongst the Space Wolves. Compare this to his performance in the game along with the Wolf Guard squad he was with. They single handedly cleared an entire side of the board of numerous different tyranids, the squad dealing out 10's of attacks at I5 with +1S. They were monstrous.

Having gone back to look over the other characters in the codex it is pretty obvious to me now that almost all of the special characters in the Space Wolf codex will perform so much better when teamed up with a complementary squad (often tooled up wolf guard). Its a bit of a difference from the Space Marines codex where many of the characters can be taken on their own and still be just as effective as ever.

Perhaps I'm stating something far too obvious, but wanted to put this out there for your views, and to see what others opinions on this matter might be.

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