Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Long Fangs

I finally managed to put together some of those lovely new Long Fangs - chosing a double heavy-bolter, double missile-launcher and a single lascannon combination. At 145pts thats not too bad! Other than the lone wolf, these were my first time working with the new space wolf box of bits and there is so much there. I've only used a couple of items on each character (mostly heads) and it very easily gives them enough difference to set them apart from regular devestator marines.

I used a new technique for the armour on these guys that I mentioned in an earlier post, laying down a grey basecoat and then shading with two layers of blue wash. It comes out pretty good but I'm not sure whether to keep going with it as it does take quite some time - what do you think to the look of them?

My squad leader I've left as basic as possible as generally you only want him in there to allow the squad to split its fire between two targets.

Obviously they are all very grey haired, these are the veterans of any Space Wolf army and the canis helix will really be starting to assert itself in them, as I add to their painting level I intend to deepen the shading on their skin to give it a very leathery look signifying their age. I forgot an image of the second heavy bolter marine, I'll try and get that up soon. The kneeling missile launcher is meant to be firing his weapon, once finished painting him I'm going to insert a litle cotton wool around the missile at the end of the barrel indicating it firing.

Cheers - Andy

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