Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Much progress

So quite a lot has been going on recently:
  • I got the wolf-guard battle leader model (the new one) which is awesome, I've got him cleaned and mostly undercoated and I can't wait to paint him up.
  • The first unit of GH are up to a more than table-top standard, are just awaiting some light highlighting and some detail work but I'm going to move on as I want to get a force together. I'll try and get a few pics up soon.
  • I've got all my eBay models stripped - Dettol works wonders, the paint just fell away, I could almost just rub it off with my fingers and it came away as a single piece. I'm going to be putting together a second squad of GH, and a squad of 12 BCs that I plan to drop-pod onto the table.
  • I've got a whole load of arms, weapons and other bits on the way to make up the models, I will just have to make one more order from bitsandkits to get a load of axes, hammers and other assorted items to act as CC weapons for the BCs.
  • Finally my fiancĂ©e and I had our painting and gaming session in the local GW at the weekend, she liked it but I'm going to make a separate post on that.

Hopefully a bunch more posts and pics in the near future.

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