Friday, 27 March 2009

Intro gaming session...

... that sadly left a bit of a sour taste.

As I said in my previous post, the missus and I went in for an intro battle session for her to see how she likes the game. All in all it was really good, and she really genuinely seemed to enjoy it up to the point at the very end when the GW hard sell fell into place, but that is the last I'll say of that, on to the good stuff.

A couple of weeks ago, I went in to order up the new wolf guard model, and Mrs. G was with me, and while I was faffing around making the order on the computer, one of the lads in the shop got talking to her about the game. Ended up he talked her into coming in for a taster session. I was all up for this as it'd be nice to have a game or two with her. We went in at the weekend, and had 2 hours with one of the staff, we did a little painting, and then had a game with the shop black reach set. We had to kill the war boss in less than 3 turns otherwise the stompa in the background would wake up and annihilate us all.
It was quite a funny game, the two bolter armed combat squads were charged by mobs of boyz, while the dread was wiped out in the first turn by the warboss who was then charged by the termies and captain. The combat with the regular marines was amusing, despite only rolling 4 or 5 dice in a turn, and the orks regularly rolling 15-20 dice, the marines ended up winning or drawing the combat in every round. Highlight was the deffkoptas charging the marines already in combat, orks losing the combat (the deffkoptas completely failed to kill a single marine) and they then failed their break test and ran away.
In the middle, it was almost the opposite, despite all terminators being in range to attack the warboss, and directing every attack against him, it took two full game turns to kill him due to some shocking rolling to wound. In the end we won on the last dice roll of the turn, just before the stompa started up so winning the game. I have to admit I was feeling the tension towards the end as I really wanted us to win (Mrs. G and I were on the same team against the member of staff)

Sadly despite it all, I just don't think she'll be a convert to the cause, just isn't really her thing.  Oh well.

bG out

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