Friday, 17 April 2015

241: painted Treeman Avatar of Khaine

Here's the steps I've managed so far, he's not quite complete, and unbased, but I'm really happy with how its going, and I'd be very willing to see him on the battlefield, all I need is an Eldar army for him to go with :D

Skipped a step here, but it was only the basing of yellow, then progressive drybrushing of Fiery Orange and then Blood Red to build up the graduation of the colour.

Mixing in about 1/3rd Chaos Black to the Blood Red.

Predominately Chaos Black with a hint of Blood Red just to soften it.

Here's a close-up of one of the weapons, I'm aiming for a bone like look, my thinking is that the weapons are wraithbone artefacts that are used by the Avatar, stored in the craftworld in the shrine of Khaine, whereas the molten body manifests itself in response to the change in the psychic gestalt of the craftworld as it prepares for war.

Here's where its at right now.

With the magnets of course I can manage both weapon options and head options.

There's still a few steps I'd like to add.  I want to go back into the lowest sections of the molten parts of the body and add a yellow white to show the brightest areas (you can see the effect in the hand holding the staff), I'd like to do a little work on the black armour areas, some details here and there, and of course I need to come up with some kind of basing strategy but I don't have an idea what to do for that yet.

I wonder now how it'll hold up to the supposed new plastic avatar that is being released, will have to wait and see.
Any comments you might have I'd love to hear, and ideas for basing would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Awesome idea. That lava flesh is simply stunning. One of the most convincing smouldering avatars I've seen.

  2. Awesome idea. That lava flesh is simply stunning. One of the most convincing smouldering avatars I've seen.

    1. You liked enough to comment twice ;-) (although is taken me three attempts to reply - blogger).
      More seriously, thank you. I've taken a long time to get around to painting him, because I wanted to be sure I could get it right, but I'm really chuffed with how he's turned out so far.

  3. You could borrow one of my Eldar armies, should you ever feel the need.

    Or if you wanted to start your own, I have loads of left over sprues of stuff. Yours for a bag of chips.

    1. That's a horribly generous offer, and you have no idea how tempted I am to take you up on the offer of those spares. I'm trying to reduce how many models I have in my house, that isn't helping :-\
      If you wanted those bits building and painting, I'd be interested however, it wouldn't be quick, but I'd love to try painting Eldar.

    2. Oh you fool !

      BWAH HA ha ah ha ha....



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