Tuesday 30 December 2014

236: 2014 - the year that wasn't

The year is essentially over and as far as this blog is concerned, 2014 was effectively a non-year.  Including this post, and my post setting out my 2014 new year resolutions, I've managed a mere 9 posts, and of those, only 5 actually connect to anything particularly hobby related.

Its not so much that I haven't done much hobby, I've been somewhat productive (time permitting) but have had to sacrifice time that I would normally have spent blogging so that I've had time to do the actual hobby required for blogging.

Anyway, looking back over what I've been up to this year while not blogging, it turns out I've painted up quite a bit. 

  • My Skaven how have the equivalent of 120 Clanrats (I painted up 22 rats, and converted two of the previously painted rat ogres into unit fillers), I painted up a unit of 20 Stormvermin, and I've also painted up a BSB, Grey Seer, the Games Day Warlord and a second Warlock Engineer to a basic tabletop standard.  I've also based the entire army, a not insignificant task in itself as its over 150 models strong now.  Thats a surprising 46 models built and painted from scratch.
  • I started the year with the aims of a new army, one that was colourful and different to all the marines I've painted in the past.  Well with their new Codex, and some pretty good deals on models, I went with the Tyranids.  I managed to slog my way through painting 40 Termagants and 40 Hormagaunts, as well as base coating a Carnifex, Tervigon/Tyrannofex that I magnetised, and a Hive Tyrant with wings before I just couldn't stand the army any more.  It was partly disliking the scheme I came up with, not being able to achieve the look I wanted, and just a general dislike for the structure of the new army that has put me off.  The models are brilliant and GW has done some very clever modelling with their kits, I just can't get behind it as an army.  They'll probably be going on eBay in the new year.
  • One Force, these guys were pretty neglected, I only painted 5 more marines, and did the damage and weathering on them and a further 5 that were already painted at the start of the year.
  • Other than those three forces, I also finished building my Riptide, figured out a paint scheme for my Tau on a couple of spare models, painted up a single marine in full Heresy era Emperors Children colours as a little challenge for a campaign setting, and converted the new Treeman model into an Avatar of Khaine which has surpisingly turned into my second most viewed post of all time.
All told, thats a surprising 139 models that reached completion as painting projects this year, and a further 11 models at various stages of painting, not bad for a year I considered to be a bit of a washout hobby wise.

Considering all that, I should also see how I managed with my 2014 new years resolutions.
  • [FAIL]   Complete the core of One Force:  I'm 5 marines short of completing these, but considering I was only 10 marines short of finishing them at the start of the year, that's not much of an achievement.  Hopefully finishe those last 5 marines this year and I can finally put this task to bed.
  • [SUCCESS]   Expand One Force:  As long as you consider buying to count.  I picked up the 10 Mk III marines I wanted to build up as specialists/veterans and all the extra bits I need for them.  Might even get them painted next year.
  • [SUCCESS]   Paint my Skaven:  A definite success.  150 models strong now, but I've still got a few more additions I'd like to add to the force (another 50 odd rats for one), and a few extra centrepiece models.
  • [PART]   Build a small Tau detachment:  I've built them, which sort of counts, but I'm still to paint them.  Another task to complete in the new year.
  • [PART]   Have a clear out:  I sold off over £100 worth of stuff on eBay, but all that seemed to do was uncover another layer of stuff I need to get rid of to have room for all the new projects I have in mind.
  • [FAIL]   Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge:  A total failure, I did start the army I intended for the challenge, but they were the Tyranids, I just couldn't get behind the army, so that went out the window before the first task came around.  I'll be starting another army again this year, but its unlikely I'll do more than post in the forums rather than be a real part of the challenge as there'll be no way I can keep up the progress needed (even with Carl's favourite 1 hour a night).
So that's it, 2014 over and done with.  I'm now very definitely looking forward to 2015 and trying to make it a more bloggy year and play a bit more of a part in the community.

See you all in 2015.


  1. Well done for getting done as much as you have!

    I think I might need to do one of these 'year end/begin' posts this year...

    1. Its definitely worth it, what with being so busy and all I hadn't realised how much I'd done till I sat down and put it all together. Its also a nice thing to have to look back on over the years and see how you progressed.

  2. Good to see that you are alive and well. I'd like to see you finish the One Force too. Well done on what you have achieved and doing the hobby that you want in the limited time you get. We'll read about it when you find time to post ;)

    1. Yeah, I'll get around to posting up a bit more hopefully soon, I'm trying to make a few changes in my days to give me that little more time and opportunity to get the blogging in. One Force are back close to the top of my priority list so there might just be a bit of progress with them sooner rather than later. I was getting a little tired of painting up the rank and file, but after a little break am feeling keen to get back at them again.



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