Thursday 2 January 2014

228: 2014 resolutions

Howdy everyone, welcome to 2014!

As I'm sure many of us are at the moment, we're thinking about what we'd like to achieve in the coming year, and for the last few years I've set out myself some resolutions for the upcoming year to see whether it can encourage me to keep my hobby going, and to keep myself updating the blog.  In the past I have made:
2011 I didn't make up any resolutions but I did do a 2011 in review

So what do I hope to do this year:
  • Complete the core of One Force:  I need to complete the last of the core force, battle damage and weather all the models painted so far.
  • Expand One Force:  I currently hope to add an Elites unit (most likely in MkIII armour and the Iron Hands special troopers), heavy weapons for all of the core units and a Scouts unit (probably the HH recon squad).
  • Paint my Skaven:  a repeat of last years resolution to paint, base and generally finish the Skaven I have so that my force is a more reasonable size.  I'd also like to make some unit fillers as I think that'd be quite fun.
  • Build a small Tau detachment:  I've had a squad of Firewarriors for ages, ever since I returned to the hobby, and they can now be taken as a small allied detachment, so along with a Riptide, I hope to add some serious hitting power to my armies.
  • Have a clear out:  I've got a lot of models sat in boxes/crates that I really need to go through and get rid of those that I don't need/want/use.  I live in a small flat, so don't have more than a single small cupboard for all my gaming paraphernalia, so I have to be ruthless.
  • Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge:  This will be this years new army, and I want to paint something bright, colourful and fleshy to break from all the armour and metal I've painted in the past.  I'm flip-flopping between a Deamon or Tyranid army, and of course the Tyranids are getting a new book soon so they are tempting, but there's a lot of cool models in the deamon range, I just can't decide.
So that's it, should keep me busy this year.  As well as all these, I'd still like to keep the blog going and hope to keep a more regular posting schedule than I have at late, and to attend the odd weekend event to keep in the gaming, but I just don't know what the next year will hold for me, so I'm not going to commit to any of those things.

Drop me a link if you are doing something similar, and a very Happy and model/painting/gaming-filled New Year to you all.
 - Andrew


  1. I like the lee-way you've given yourself here: a very practical approach. Here's to it, eh?!

    1. Cheers D, have been thoroughly enjoying seeing your blog get a little airing and your progress over the holiday.
      I've gone almost too easy on myself this year as I've got a lot of those resolutions almost complete already, but I really want to get them actually done before moving on, rather than my usual of getting 95% complete, and then never finishing the last 5%.

  2. S'good to know what you're aiming for.

    1. Whether it happens is a whole other issue of course. We'll see though



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