Friday, 9 August 2013

219: Painted One Force Storm Raven

I'd forgotten just how much fun it is to paint vehicles.  After the Vindicator I showed a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty keen to paint something else.  Seeing as I hadn't quite cast enough shoulder pads to finish my Mk IV demi-squad (thanks for the cool term Zzzzzz), I just "had" to paint up the Storm Raven.

I used a very similar technique to the Vindicator, but with the obvious change in colour.  I'm really happy with how its come out too.  It was really quick, I did pretty much all of it within 3 sessions of painting, each session was only a couple of hours too, so probably 6-7 hours of painting total.  Thats basecoat, two rounds of drybrush and wash, then a final drybrush, before even starting on the greens, metals, and then the detailing, 

You can see that the silhouette is different from the stock Storm Raven, the changes I made you can see in this post from a while ago.  Its definitely come together nicely with the painting, and its quite difficult to see the bits that I added to the body

I also painted up all the other weapon options, you can see the assault cannons in all the pics above, and below you can see the plasma cannons and hurricane bolters.  I've been trying to come up with a plasma effect that I liked for a while now, and think I've finally found it.  As there's a low liklihood I'll use the plasma cannons, I felt safe to trial it on a fully painted part.  It's turned out nicely, I was aiming to capture the look of the real plasma as seen in the JET test fusion reactor which looks slightly violet due to its temperature.  I'll be rolling this out across all the plasma weaponry on my models now.

Hope you all like it.
Cheers - Andy

PS:  Wow!  Have you seen some of those new Space Marines out there, I'm getting pretty excited about this release.


  1. Good stuff man! I love the reversed wings, definitely gives it a more streamlined look. The paint scheme turned out looking fantastic as well!

    1. Thanks, I'm dead happy with it, and can't wait to get a try of it on the tabletop, looking forward to it crashing and burning almost immediately as is only fitting for a new model :D

  2. It is just better than the COTS one. Nice model, I look forward to shooting it down and feasting on the still beating heart of the pilot sometime soon.

    1. Cheers, I'm sure it'll die pretty quickly knowing how much firepower will be directed at it.



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