Thursday, 14 February 2013

One Force Squad II: 5 complete

Finally, after faffing around for far too long I managed to get around to completing these guys.  Its all those last little things that I just can never bring myself to do.  Anyway, here they are:

All ready to go!

Sadly they'll only be a viable squad like this with the DAngels Codex

The One Force Chevrons

Can you guess what inspired the squad marking?

In their more natural guise as an assault squad, dropping in to cause mayhem and mischief :)

Mind you, I think a little of the issue is they are just such nice looking models (the sculpts, not my paint-job obviously) and I was really worried about messing them up.  Of the three marques I bought for One Force, the MkIV were probably my least favourite, but now I love them just as much as the others, they really are lovely.

And for the big reveal, One Force is now an actual game legal force!
An HQ:
2 Troops:, and the guys featured here.
(embarrassingly, I now realise that I haven't posted up either the first troops squad or the commander in their completed states - oops!).

They're coming to get you ...

... this time they're all almost in focus too!

So there you go.  I'm on holiday at the mo so I'll get onto any comments as soon as I return.
Cheers - Andy


  1. Nice work, man - I really like how those have turned out!

    1. Thanks very much, slowly but surely they are coming together. I'm really looking forward to trialling them on the tabletop too.

  2. These look great mate, love the alternative Bolters too. And the Gunslinger one is pure badass, nice job.

    1. Thanks Siph. He was definitely a fun model to put together. The alt-weapons are from Anvil Industries who are turning out even more great stuff as time goes on, I'd definitely recommend checking them out.



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