Thursday, 4 October 2012

TFP: Badab Project competition (1)

Through Excommunicate Traitoris I've stumbled across this competition and charity project from The Fallen Princes.  Go have a look and I'll see you when you are back...

What a great idea!  Anyway, I thought it would be a great thing to be involved in, and as I'm currently working on a force using the older style armour, I wanted to be involved so I'm going to submit an entry.  I've volunteered to provide a Raptors trooper (as their colour scheme is nicely close to that of One Force) for the squad, and it will be part of the auctioned squad at the end.

This is going to be a great chance to practice painting black (I may even be using this as practice for the black scheme I'll be using in One Force for commanders/veterans :), and will be a nice chance to just lavish as much attention as I can on a single model.  I'll be keeping my updates for this month focussed on this comp now, hopefully I'll have a built model for next week, and the painting will follow over the following 2 weeks.

If anyone knows of a good location to get a Deathwatch shoulder pad, or has one spare they might want to share, tips would be greatly appreciated.

Check out the competition here if you haen't already.

Cheers - Andy


  1. Heh - I actually do have a spare one, allbeit the plastic one from the command squad kit.

    let me know if you need it, or are rather after a metal one, - if you do drop me a line



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