Wednesday, 14 March 2012

First Mobile Infantry squad painted

You'll see from here that I'm re-posting up my guard blog posts here, and this is the follow on with the first squad of the Mobile Infantry painted up, very quick to paint, nice and easy, and the colour scheme is pretty close to the Starship Troopers films (ie: pretty monochrome).

The fatigues are Codex Grey, the armour is Adeptus Battlegrey, weapons etc are black, everything gets a good dry brush with Fortress Grey and the insignia get painted with it, washed with Badab Black, flesh then gets a quick coat before being washed with ogryn flesh.
Thats it, painted up, bases will be earth colours drybrushed up to bone to give it that sandy/dusty look of the bug planets.

The painting probably only took me a couple of hours for the entire squad (the trouble was finding that time) so I think I can bash out a decent sized force of meat for the grinder in little time when I get the opportunity. These guys were shelved temporarily not too long after this, but one day I may return to them.

Cheers, Andy

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