Monday 20 June 2011

Standing Necrons

We interrupt this BlogWars coverage to bring you this breaking news.  Game 3 should be up on Wednesday.  (p.s.:  I'm still away).

Not really, but since BlogWars I've been working on my Necrons (second Battleforce) and wanting to mix things up have decided to make some of my Necrons more upright than usual.  I just thought I'd post up a few images of the conversion process in case anyone was interested in how it had been done.

  • Start off with your basic legs, and clean them of mould lines before you do anything.  Seriously, if you are doing Necrons you are going to drybrush and you need to get rid of those mould lines.  Then cut the legs from the hip, either with a knife (cutting a little from both sides to make sure the separation is neat), or just use your clippers.
  • Next it really helps if you clean up the ball-joint at the top of the leg, this allows a much better join when you are re-constructing the legs.

  • Cut the legs at the knee, I do this above the knee joint.  Using a flat file, level the top of the knee to the same plane as the foot, this is what allows the leg to be re-positioned upright.  Also, it helps to file the bottom of the thigh part of the leg so that it is also more perpendicular to its length.  I've marked in red roughly how you should file these joins.

  • Finally, re-build the legs from the bottom up.  It's here that you can also get more creative with positioning of the legs and feet, make it look like its walking and a whole load of other things.

Not the most ground-breaking tutorial, but I guess it might be useful to someone out there, and if the rumoured new Necron Codex ever materialises I'm sure there may be a little more interest.

Cheers - Andy


  1. this IS actually pretty interesting, because i am thinking of using necrons as a base for my henchman squads (who will largely be robots). it is good to see that the legs are easy to reposition.

  2. Hey Atreides. Its so simple, I'm actually doing this for half of my warriors to give some variation in height within my units to mix things up. Doesn't take much longer than cleaning up the model anyway so definitely worth a try.



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