Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Just went into the local FLGS and their copy of Space Hulk was there, what can I say


Seriously, this kit is something special (sorry, I won't put up pics, I don't want to do anything that might jeapordise the status of the local).

The level of detail on the models is far, far beyond anything I've seen before. The terminators are in 2-4 pieces each, the posing is very dynamic, and the details are beutiful. There is one crouching down, ripping up the floor, one checking out a sensor that is built into his power fist, so much detail on all the models, there's even a drop of blood dripping from one of the termies power fists. The assault cannon terminator has little disc shields in front of each shoulder just like medieval age suits of armour, protecting the joints. 
There's even more details in there, so many I just can't remember them all.

The stealers - wonderful and very, very spikey. I managed to catch myself on claws, teeth and bits of carapace all over the place. The broodlord is very big, and looks lovely, although not too different from a regular stealer, just a lot bigger (I thought it would be better to make him a bit more "special"). There are many lovely poses for the regular stealers as well.

Objectives: The seated temie looks lovely and will make a brilliant objective marker for any system. Theres even a little bomb disposal robot type of thing with a shrine and servo-skull atop it.

The board pieces are really good. They are made of that type of cardboard that is so many pieces of paper squished together it is almost wood. And there is even some texture to the board, with the separation between floor tiles etched into the card. Lots of iconography everywhere, bits of tyranid growths somewhat like in the movie Aliens, and door wise there's even one with Tau iconography on there.

The rules, from a brief read, seem to be about the same as the original versions, although they have incorporated a lot of the rules from the older expansions into the current rule set - imagine all the old rules combined and streamlined. Things like overwatch, facing and ammo limits, jams and psi are all there.

This Game is going to be so very good, I can't recommend it to anyone enough, I have one on order. I'm still struggling to find ways to express how good this is. Seriously, get yourself involved in this while you can.

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