Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Space Wolves outline force

Sorry there hasn't been too much activity, its been busy and other than a bit of modelling on some more of my Tau, no painting has been done. I have been considering though, and as I'll soon be moving back closer to home, and will have access to all my models again, wondering where to go next. I'd love to get a couple of armies together so that I can start to play the odd game when I get a chance, so in that vain, I'm hoping to get a Necron battleforce, Commander and a Heavy Destroyer that I can paint up pretty quick and have an (almost) instant 750pt army.

I've also been looking forward to digging out all those old models that I never got painted and getting on with them, to that end, and because I really want to have a go at painting up my old Blood Claws (the metal ones) models, I've tried to put together a small but flexible army based on a single HQ choice for the Space Wolves. What I have come up with so far is:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Terminator armour, storm bolter, lightning claw, runic charm and wolf-tooth necklace

Troop 1 (for lower armoured targets):
6 x Grey Hunters
Flamer, power weapon and 5 x bolters
Razorback with extra armour and smoke launchers

Troop 2 (for higher armoured targets/vehicles):
6 x Grey Hunters
Melta-gun, power weapon, power fist, plasma pistol and 4 x bolters
Razorback with lascannons, extra armour and smoke launchers

Troop 3
9 x Blood Claws
Flamer, power fist and power weapon
Rhino with extra armour and smoke launchers

Total points: 758pts

I'm hoping that this will give me enough flexibility to deal with most opponents, and from what I understand of the newer codex systems, it should be legal for games. What do you think, would it even stand a chance in games? I'm a pretty slow painter, and don't get all that much time, so this alone is likely to take me most of a year to put together, if I'm lucky. I'll see if I can get any more pics up soon of my ongoing work.

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