Painting Points

Well the idea for painting points first originated with Lone Pilgrim over on his blog, a brother it appears sadly lost to the 40K blogosphere. The basic premise is that you award yourself points for each model that you paint to see how you get on over the year, the bigger the model, the more points you can award yourself for finishing it.
  • 25mm base = 1 point
  • 40mm base, Cavalry or bikes = 2 points
  • 60mm base = 5 points
  • Vehicle = 10 points
  • If the model is a character or otherwise special (Necron Royal Court, Wolf Guard Squad Leader for example) then the points are doubled to represent the higher levels of detail required.
I 2014, I have achieved 2 painting points.
Tau Firewarriors test scheme:  2 pts

In 2013, I achieved 70 painting points.

In 2012, I achieved 101 painting points.
5 marines for One Force (as seen in this post):  5 pts
Overlord, 4 Crypteks, 10 Scarab bases, and 12 Immortals:  42 pts
One Force commander:  2 pts
TFP: Badab Project competition (4) - Complete:  2 pts
Verminous Tide - more Clanrats:  38 pts
One Force Terminators Completed: 10 pts
Updated One Force paint-scheme & new paints review:  1pt
New paint scheme for "One Force" marines:  1pt

I've also looked back through the archives of my blog and found that from previous years:

In 2011 I acheived 207 painting points
40 Skaven, Packmaster, Engineer, Warlord, 2 Weapons Teams, 2 Rat Ogres, Thunderwolf, Iron Priest, 2 Cyberwolves, 10 Fenrisian Wolves, 5 Wulfen Scouts, 7 Grey Hunters, Terminator Wolf Lord, Rhino, 3 Long Fangs, Shadowseer, 47 Necron Warriors, Necron Lord, 6 Necron Destroyers, 10 Flayed Ones, Skaven Doomwheel, Annihilation Barge, Ghost Ark

In 2010 I achieved 55 painting points
2 Rune Priests, 3 Wolf Guard pack leaders, 3 MotW, 7 Grey Hunters, 5 Thunderwolf riders (the mounts don't count), 3 Rhinos

In 2009 I achieved 108 painting points
20 Grey Hunters, 15 Blood Claws, 6 Long Fangs, 7 Terminators, Lone Wolf, Dreadnought, Wolf Guard Leader, Ragnar, Ulrik, Land Raider and 30 Guardsmen

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